Sunday, June 04, 2017

A New Adventure - Coming Soon!

I left my Globe Trotter days behind on Mar 30, 2015. 

On August 21, 2017 (give or take two weeks!) I will begin a new adventure as a Mom Trotter! I can't wait to meet this little peanut :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

$40 Kitchen Back Splash!

Hello World!

I recently downsized from an executive style 4000 sq ft house to a cute and charming little craftsman style home. My new home is just under 2000 sq ft. It is nice to have everything not only on 'ONE' level, but also to have so much less to clean!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new house. It feels so much more like home than the old house. It was forever before pictures were hung in the old house, but pictures and art were hung right away in this new house. The old place never felt like home. This house and this town feel like home.

Today I noticed some slight discoloration on the wall behind the stove. We always clean any mess right away, but with heat, steam, and what not when cooking... The previous owners didn't put any type back splash, they just opted to paint when they renovated the house. I don't blame them, the kitchen looks really nice. However, it won't with a discolored wall!

So, I had an idea for a cheap and colorful back splash. 

1 trip to Lowes, 1 piece of sheet metal, 1 can of spray paint, 2 packs of command strips, and for less than $40, I got a cute back splash with a pop of color!

One of the best parts of using sheet metal - for more fun and color just add magnets!

To make my back splash, I first cleaned the sheet metal with my go to cleaner: a 3-1 ratio of water & rubbing alcohol plus a few drops of essential oils. The grey on the rag is all the 'gunk' that was on the sheet metal.

I chose a gloss paint because I wanted to be able to wipe it down and clean it easily. Also be sure the the paint is appropriate for metal.

Shake shake shake, and watch your dog as he watches you shake shake shake...

Apply an even coat. I applied one even coat, waited a few minutes and then applied a second coat.

Once it was dry, which was about an hour according to the paint instructions, I brought the newly painted sheet metal inside. For now, I am just using Velcro-type command strips to hold it in place. I did this because I wanted an easy way to take it down whenever I get the fancy to repaint or add stencil details. I used eight pairs of command strips total, a row of four at the top and a row of four around the middle. Time will tell if that is enough to keep it in place!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 Quick Takes – All about me :)

I was supposed to fly home today. Instead here are ten things you may, or may not, know about me:

~ 1 ~

Sometimes… I… eat chocolate for dinner :P

~ 2 ~

My favorite person in the whole wide world is my mommy; it’s no secret, I heart my mom.

~ 3 ~

I wake up an hour and 15 minutes earlier than I actually need to for work. I try to dedicate an hour of that time to God and my friend Jesus :)

This is how I start my day:

  1. Read a devotional from YouVersion (internet permitting), a chapter from MHC, and two chapters from the Bible. 
  2. Exercise – I am using XBX – I am almost to chart II, yay me. I have never stuck with it long enough to graduate from Chart I; here’s to hoping I break that cycle.
  3. Get ready for work
  4. Prayer Journal – I write my prayers down, I just feel more connected when I do
  5. Verse memory work – I have a list of verses I found here. I have 1-2 that I work on daily and then review 1-2 more from a rotation of already learned verses. 
  6. Go downstairs and read a book until it is time to go – I am currently reading Les Miserables; at the 82% mark!

~ 4 ~

Intentionally left blank

~ 5 ~

I think more than one thing was learned about me in #3, so I left #4 blank – I’m just quirky that way :P

~ 6 ~

I believe prayer works. 

For over a year I have been praying to find joy on the job, lately I've found it. I have now added the prayer to ‘choose happy, always’. So far so good, I pray it sticks :) :) :)

~ 7 ~ 

I want to be a stay-at-home mom more than anything else in life. 

~ 8 ~

#7 is a long-standing continuous prayer for over a decade now. 

Nowhere in the Bible does it suggest God is always quick – The Israelites wondered over 40 years before going to the promise land; and how long was it before David was king? 

Though, my mom did once tell me, that God told her, that I would have kids by December 2014 or was it 2016? In either case, that would be pretty quick!

~ 9 ~

I really want boys and I let God know this often! 

I've been a tomboy my whole life, which is just the way God made me; so I think I would relate with boys the best. With that being said, I would absolutely adore a little red-headed curly hair little girl that is JUST like my grandma Christine. I would also imagine that said red-headed curly hair little girl would have a lot of my early childhood naughtiness thrown in, hehehe. My favorite person can babysit.

~ 10 ~

I just don’t feel nearly as old as I really am. I think my niece would agree :P

~ Bonus ~

Bonus fact about me, I really want to experience pregnancy for the sole purpose of annoying my niece more-so than I normally do, mwhahahaha! I want to be fat as a whale and cry at the drop of a hat whenever she doesn't willingly, with the sweetest attitude on earth, do my bidding – that’s not evil.


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